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Utah Association of Public Treasurers
A chapter of APT US&C



This is the Utah chapter of the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. Both the state and international associations work together to provide educational seminars and conferences, publications, policy and legislative information, and technical assistance to members in the following areas: Cash Management; Banking Services; Investment Policies and Practices; Debt Management; Internal Controls; Pension and Benefits Administration; Automation & Technology; Cash Handling; Revenue Collections; and New Revenue Sources.


Here at UAPT you belong to a cohesive group of dedicated treasury professionals – a network of friends helping one another succeed and enjoying one another's association in that success.

If you handle the treasurer functions of any public agency in Utah then YOU Belong Here:

Where Conferences and meetings are held that bring YOU up to date on Treasury issues;

Cash Management, Banking Services, Investment Policies and Practices, Debt Management, Internal Controls, Pensions and Benefits Administration, Automation and Technology, Cash Handling and Cashiering, Revenue Collections, Handling Bankruptcies, New Revenue sources and other relevant topics of importance.

*  Where Peer-to-Peer interaction through active exchange of ideas and best practices improve processes and solve treasury management and other work related issues.

*  Where peer support is always available for any issue YOU might be facing as a Treasurer.

*  Where YOU would be an asset for your knowledge, perspective, experience, and practices for YOUR fellow UAPT member.

UAPT extends our warmest invitation for You to Belong…. Because YOU belong here.

How to Become a Member